Erasmus+ #Me-Rest: promotes the resilience of older people through the development of creative and narrative activities

Erasmus+ Flower: aims to stimulate life in the open air and contact with nature by frail elderly people, working on overcoming the barriers that prevent them to do so

Erasmus+ Activability: promotes active aging in older people with intellectual disabilities through physical activity

Erasmus+ Age Friendly Toolkit: aims to provide administrators, policy makers and territorial stakeholders with knowledge and tools to apply the “Age friendly cities” principles promoted by the WHO

Erasmus+ D.I.S.C.O.P.M.B. – Diversity Sensitive Care of Older People With Migrant Background And Their Families: explores the theme of how to make social and health services more responsive to the needs of older people with migrant backgrounds and their carers

Erasmus+ SOUND – This project aims at developing a curriculum of passive and active music making activities training for dementia social and health care professionals and informal carers, and an original music-based nonpharmacological intervention to improve the behaviour, mood, and quality of life of older people with dementia and delay as much as possible further cognitive functions decline.

Erasmus+ SENIORVLOGOne of the key aims of the project is to develop new competences of senior adult learners by creating an innovative “SeniorVlog” Training and Mentoring Programme that will equip senior Internet users with key skills and digital competences.

Erasmus+ BONDINGthe project aims to promote intergenerational relations through the be-friending approach, i.e. to create informal opportunities where young and old can relate and ‘make friends’

Erasmus+ Next Doorthe project aims to promote proximity support programmes engaging neighborhoods to implement actions for vulnerable older persons

Erasmus+ Box of Memoriesthe project explores the role of museums and archives in supporting reminiscence activities for people with dementia

Erasmus+ ELSOMIC – a project aimed to teach basics of English to people with mild dementia by means of songs

Erasmus+ FAITHpromotes digital literacy of older adults through peer-mentoring programmes

Erasmus+ ALONEthe project aims to prevent loneliness among older persons, by means of raising awareness and training professionals about the topic and support strategies

Erasmus+ BRIDGEthe project aims to support older persons with dementia through intergenerational games to support cognitive functions impacted by the disease

Erasmus+ BeOLD – the project aims to support older workers and organizational environments in coping with age transitions and work requirements

Erasmus+ CREA.T.Y.V.the project focuses on empowering young people with fewer opportunities to be active factors in communities, to build up their skills and potential under the mentoring of older people in the volunteering field

Erasmus+ GYMSENaims to develop and pilot test interventions and tools to strengthen and maintain sensorial capacities of older persons

LLP-Grundtvig “UISEL”– The project promotes the use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for the promotion of active aging.

Ministero Politiche della Famiglia – Project – “Generation for environment” is an intergenerational environmental education project which promotes the active participation of older people in the community through their exploitation as carriers of specific skills that can help the younger generation to behave in an environmentally sustainable way.

Project “Transports for health and social care”provides training and service coordination  to associations offering transports for health and social care in the District of Terre D’Argine

FP7 – TAGS – Textile for Ageing Society – Textile for Ageing Society is a research project coordinated by the University of Innsbruck. TAGS gathers research entities, experts of elderly care and manufacturers with the aim to develop new materials, processes, technologies and products in the textile sector able to answer to the needs of the ageing society.

Project “Elderly Network” The project offered training, capacity building and support activities to elderly people working on volunteer base in services for frail older persons (such as help lines, transportation, accompaniment etc.). They were also trained on the use of computer and Internet.  The program is financed by Cassa di Risparmio di Carpi Foundation.